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All of the old recordings I have personally converted from Reel-to-Reel tapes to digital format, I hope you enjoy them.

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2011 Pella Conference

Addr. - R. BoulardR. Boulard
Rdg. - Luke 12:1-7
Addr. - D. RuleD. Rule
Gos. - R. ThonneyR. Thonney
Y.P. Sing - J. ChristensenJ. Christensen
C.M. - J. KaiserJ. Kaiser
Y.P. Addr. - B. ProstB. Prost
Rdg. - Luke 12:8-
Gos. - J. HylandJ. Hyland
Y.P. Sing - T. RoachT. Roach
Rdg. - Luke 12
Open Mtg. - R. Thonney, B. ShaneR. Thonney, B. Shane